Why you need Second Income

As you can see from the different tutorials on this blog, it mainly focuses to generate additional income apart from your 9 to 5 job. Also if you are looking to quit your boring and exhausting job, you will find this blog very useful. At the same time it is very true that most working people can't invest much time after their current job schedule. Hence we are only intending to share money making techniques which requires very less time to implement so that you can achieve success in relatively quick time.

Many working people ignore the need of a second income just like David. You may be wondering who is David?
David is a happily married 35 years of old living in Denver having 2 children. He is a  happy go lucky kind of guy. He has a nice home, one luxury car for which he is paying EMI every month. Every weekends David parties with colleges and friends also whenever he gets the opportunity he takes his family to vacation. He is a guy who likes luxury and his fat salary enables him to maintain his lifestyle. Just because David enjoys his life to fullest does not mean, he is not saving money. He saves some money from his income and currently he has 2 months salary saved in case of any emergency. From his profile, you can clearly say he is enjoying life without any financial problem. Not to forget he is enjoying his job too.

Not really!
The company where David works, is currently in process to merge with a giant corporation. While this merge is quite obvious and will eventually take place; David is quite secured that he has been assured that he will retain his position in that corporation also. As David is in managerial position he is aware that some of the employees and colleges will lose their job in this migration process. So there is some cold tension in everyone's mind.

Finally that much awaited migration takes place. However everything has not gone as expected. Due to some last minute contractual changes David has lost his high paying job(as he was told). Although he has some savings in bank, now he need to find a similar job to maintain his luxury lifestyle. David wastes no time and starts sending CV to different companies. After one month of rigorous job hunting and interviews, David realizes finding job is not as easy he thought. During this one month, his saving has also reduced considerably. And he also need to pay his EMIs for house and car. If he can't find a suitable job in next one or two month, David will be literally broke.

As you can see David's life has changed quite drastically in just one month. However he could easily avoid the current situation if he had a second income source. Actually when David was unemployed in his 20's he used to make money online using myspace and craigslist. But right after joining the job he abandoned those projects. Not because it was time consuming, but David was so satisfied with his fat salary that he intentionally stopped those online projects. Now he is again considering to start working online.

Whether David would succeed or not, whether he will find a suitable job or not; one thing is very clear to David now. Even if he finds good paying job now, he will continue to work on the online projects in his spare time. Because he has bitterly experienced two things in very short span -
1. Nothing is permanent.
2. Need of second income source.

Follow this Second income blog, so that you can avoid mistakes which David made. Hence you can always be in position of financial freedom no matter what the circumstance is.
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