Best Amazon affiliate alternatives for Niche Website Owners after April 2020 Update

Just when the evil corona is making the economy go down on the knee, Amazon has revised its commission rate to as low as 1%. This is a tremendous blow to the Amazon affiliate website owners whose revenue is heavily dependent on the sale commission of Amazon products. There is no doubt about the fact Amazon is the biggest eCommerce retailer in the world with millions of sellers and buyers. For instance, in the United States alone, over 50% of products purchased online is through Amazon. This is because Amazon has the biggest affiliate and influencers base in the world that drives crazy amounts of traffic to Amazon to buy a product that they are promoting. By doing so, these affiliate members earn some commission from Amazon. Most often affiliates drive traffic via website which is commonly known as Amazon affiliate site.

amazon affiliate alternative

Recently, Amazon announced that it will modify the commission rates for its affiliates, effective April 21st, 2020. Previously Amazon affiliates partners could earn up to 8% commission for different product categories on the available products on the marketplace. However, after the revision Amazon associates members are already seeing a sharp decline in their commission revenue. There are many Amazon webmasters who reporting 60% to 80% less earning after Amazon rolled their biggest affiliate update. This is certainly not a good time if you are having Amazon affiliate website. However, the good news is there some good alternatives that you can apply to your website and earn a higher commission compared to what Amazon is currently offering.

In order to search for the best Amazon affiliate alternative, you should concentrate to check the biggest competitors of Amazon; and whether they are aggressive enough in their marketing campaign execution. Walmart definitely meets those essential criteria well. Walmart, which operation was mainly limited to offline shopping, has started to concentrate on the online store as well. This was very much needed from their part as Amazon was continuously eating up their market share. Hence their affiliate program can be the best alternative to Amazon associates if applied efficiently. Walmart still is the biggest retail company in the US and its product range is also similar. Like Amazon, Walmart’s commission rate structure varies depending on the product category you are promoting. But the commission rate is quite higher, as high as 18%. Moreover, they have three days referral cookie period which is another advantage over Amazon.

Another affiliate that can replace Amason is that of eBay. As you should be knowing eBay is one of the top most eCommerce companies in the United States and has an affiliate program just like Amazon affiliates. In fact eBay was one of the first players to start eCommerce platforms online. As a consequence, they already have a good online reputation which can be an issue for Walmart as they have decided to concentrate on the online store in recent times. eBay comes with its own twist in the affiliate program model which is targeted towards attracting more affiliates. You could be ignorant about eBay affiliate program as Amazon was working well for you. Considering the recent updates, you can definitely try eBay affiliate program as a good alternative to the Amazon affiliate as you can find almost all kinds of products on their global marketplace.

Also, if you have a niche site in handmade products or sharing unique gift items, Etsy Affiliate program could be the ideal choice for you. Etsy affiliate commission rate is flat 4% for qualifying sale. This global marketplace site has a wide range of banners to share on your blog. Also. they allow 30 days cookie period which is the highest compared to other Amazon affiliate alternatives.


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