Top 5 Fiverr alternatives - The best Micro Jobs Websites

I am quite sure every single reader of this blog is aware about fiverr marketplace. Fiverr is biggest micro job website on the internet when it comes to number of users. In that platform, there are mainly two types of users i.e. sellers and buyers. Although fiverr has emerged as the biggest marketplace for service, still it has some genuine limitations. What is more, in recent times many users are raising issues which the platform can not resolve. Keeping that in mind, I would like to inform my readers about the best fiverr alternatives that you can try instead.

Best fiverr alternatives

Zeerk has been online since 2010, making it one of the oldest micro job website. Unlike fiverr, there is not any buyer fee and the service price is also cheaper starting at just $3. Almost all reputed payment processors including PayPal is supported by Zeerk. Another good reason for using this marketplace is the low commission rate for the sellers, capped at 10% only which is almost half when compared to fiverr.

Just like the zeerk, Seoclerks marketplace is also there for the users for very long time. However as the name suggest, this marketplace is especially dedicated for SEO services. Hence you may not find other services such as design, programming etc. Being said that, the seo services listed on Seoclerks is very high quality; way better than the seo service that you will find on fiverr. Therefore, Seoclerks can be a good hunting ground for sellers and buyers that have niche interest. You can read about the detailed review on seoclerks following my previous blog post.

Gigbucks is another micro job website which is very old and running. Although the growth of this website was hampered due to multiple changes of the ownership, still it is one the best fiverr alternative with huge number of sellers and buyers. Also this is one marketplace that has retained the original design since it was first launched. This site also supports all major payment processors. Hence if you belong to a country where PayPal is not supported, you can try this alternative to make money online.

This marketplace is relatively new in the scenario, but its rise has taken all by sweet surprises. One of the major reasons for its quick popularity is its low commission for the sellers at 5% only. Due to this low fee, the sellers are working fully fledged to cash on huge money. The variety of services is also quite diverse in Konker, making it one of the go to fiverr alternatives. However there is one downside of this platform i.e. it only supports PayPal.

Microworkers is probably the oldest of this lot. This micro job website is very much beginner friendly. You can easily start making money soon as you sign up there. For the buyers also, it is very easy to start a campaign and engage many people in quick time. I have done a detailed review about microworkers which you can follow to get more information.

This is it! If you use these 5 fiverr alternatives wisely, you can easily get your required job done without using fiverr. Moreover most of the fiverr sellers also have a profile on the above mentioned websites. Thus if you want to avoid the ridiculous buyer fee of fiverr, this is the perfect time to start using these best fiverr alternatives from today itself.


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