How to make a Blog that Replaces your Full Time Job

The number of bloggers who are making full time income from their blog is continuously increasing. This trend is not limited in certain geographical vicinity only. Rather more and more people around the different parts of globe are achieving this. Surprisingly these bloggers also cover those countries where internet has not penetrated its full reach. So what is making this happen and how those bloggers are doing this? Today I will be covering exactly this issue throughout my post.

Make Money with Blog

Why Blogging?
If you are a blogger yourself or planning to be one, you already know the answer! Yes passion is the major catalyst why an internet user chooses to make a blog. This is why you will notice most of the full time bloggers started blogging as hobby only. Later they realize it can generate money, and ultimately that blog replaced their full time job. Not only blogging, you will get definite success if you passionately do anything in your life. And if you are passionate about photography, cooking, biking or anything that you like; don’t waste time and start a blog about it. What is more, a blog will generate money mostly on autopilot. That means once your blog establishes the online authority, it will not require much of your time other than some maintenance work.

Reaching your Audience
Once you have started your blog, the next challenge is to reach the targeted audience i.e. generate traffic. Success of your blog mostly depends on this factor. Anyway that should be quite an easy task if you know what you are doing. A blog has certain advantages over traditional websites which also help to generate traffic easily. And with wide spread use of social media and SEO; generating traffic has become relatively effortless. If your blog offers something unique and interesting, people will definitely love your blog. You only need to be creative with your blog, so that visitors keep coming back to your blog for more. And since you are blogging on a subject in which you are passionate about, it should not be an issue.

Making money from your Blog
Now comes the most important part i.e. generating money from the blog which will replace your full time job. Now if you already fulfilled the previous task (the traffic part) well, you should not be facing any problem generating the money. Anyway I will provide you the exact outline here and also point out some common mistakes that most bloggers do frequently. Here are the mediums which should ideally generate most money for a well established blog - 

Promote Affiliate
Promoting affiliate products on blog is most effective as the visitors to your blog are much targeted in nature. You only need to put links and banner on your blog to start making money. Moreover affiliate marketing is the most rewarding when it comes to making money from your blog.

Selling Banner space
This is another avenue of generating fixed money from your blog. Once your blog has decent visitors you should concentrate on this from of advertising. You should get ample number advertisers who will be interested publishing their banner for a lofty price.

This option is always open for any good blog. Although it may not be that rewarding compared to other options (depends on your niche actually), still at the end of each month adsense will offer you a healthy cheque! And why should you ignore that!

Taking your blog to Next level
Even if you are making decent money from your blog, still it may not be enough to replace your current job. For that you need to take your blog to a level where it can generate $1,000 or more in a matter of minutes. In order to make this happen you need to be dedicated, passionate about your blog as if its your bf/gf! At the same time you will also need to interact with your visitors on a regular basis through commenting, newsletter etc. There is always some scope for improvement in every sphere of life; the same is true for your blog also. You need to search for that on a constant manner.

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