Neobux Review

When it comes to PTC, Neobux is the most popular website on internet. Although it has an immense user base around the world, still people have mixed reviews about this website. So I am going to investigate on that issue and let my readers know about the real picture.

Neobux Review
There is no denying the fact some Neobux users has lost their money in order to make some extra cash. And it happened due to the lucrative rented referral system which Neobux introduced. Because of this unique referral system an average Neobux user can make more money investing less time compared to other PTC sites. Although the system was quite revolutionary, some users could not implement it properly and lost money from their own pocket. And they were the people who referred Neobux as scam.

On the other hand rented referral system is completely optional, and if anyone is not that comfortable with it, she/he can still make money with this website. As there are plenty of earning opportunities including mini jobs, offers etc. So if you are one who could not manage their referral profitably, I would suggest not using that at all. On the contrary if you can gather some tips on managing rented referrals before trying, you can have a better prospect.

Most attractive features that Neobux provide is not referral renting but the instant payout system. Irrespective of the amount that you are cashing out, neobux assures that the money reaches to your account on next second. According to me, this feature builds the required trust among the new users to join this website. Payout threshold is also very low at $2. So if want to verify whether Neobux is legitimate or not, you are always welcome to do that.

Considering all these major and minor issues, I will vote for Neobux. I have been using this website for some time and till date my experiences have been nice. I did not notice any red flag during my journey. Anyway readers may have different/better opinions about this PTC. And I always welcome those viewpoints, so that my readers get to know about the exact scenario.

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