Clixsense Review : Should you Join or Not?

This post is more than just reviewing clixsense; actually you will get other useful information regarding the website as well which is very crucial to know before you join clixsense. Though my main objective will be to find out whether clixsense is legit or scam. First let me provide some key information about the website.

Website name:
Founded: 2007
Owner name: Jim V. Grago
Status: You will find that as you read further.

Clixsense review

What is Clixsense? 
Clixsense is oldest of paid to click websites running online since 2007. This website promises to give you money if you views advertisement, do survey, complete offer etc. As advertiser you can purchase credits which can be used to promote your website. If you compare with other similar site like neobux, you will notice some features are missing from clixsense. At the same time there are other features which are exclusive. In this post I am going to review each of those features offered by clixsense and decide from the perspective of a normal user. 

Earning options in Clixsense 
Clixsense provides different earning options for its users. These are –
1. Viewing advertisement: There are many ads for clicking for every user, throughout the whole day and you can make between $0.02 to $0.001 per seen advertisement.

2. Mini task: Powered by Cloudflower, there is a separate task section in clixsense. You can find many tasks ranging from 1 cents to $10 or higher. Clixsense promises that you can earn decent money by doing clixsense tasks only.

3. Complete offer: In your clixsense account, you can find many high paying offers completing which you can earn up to $5. There are handful of offers in clixsense dashboard.

4. Clixgrid: Clixgrid is a unique lottery system where user can earn up to $10.00 per advertisement. This is a unique feature exclusive to clixsense.

5. Bonus: Clixsense offers daily bonus for active members. To be an active member you need to complete some activities like viewing ads, visiting forum, doing tasks etc which you can do easily.

6. Referral earning: Apart from the above mentioned ways, you can also earn from your referrals. What is more, clixsense referral system offer 8 level commission pyramid which can be very profitable as well if you utilize effectively.

What I Like 
Quantity of ads, tasks, offer: Unlike sites like neobux you can find plenty of ads, tasks, offers in clixsense. And if you have enough free time in your hand, earning $10-20 per day is very much possible.

PayPal, Payza, and more: Clixsense offers payment from more than one processor. And more importantly it has PayPal support for user’s convenience.

Active Forum: Clixsense also has an active forum where users share nice tips to increase earning which can help you.

What I don’t like 
Waiting time for payment: Clixsense does not offer instant payment like Neobux and other. Instead it has fixed date every week when the payment is issued to its user.

High payout threshold: For normal user it is at $8 which can be quite high considering a newbie user may not utilize clixsense’s complete earning opportunities.

Overall Score: 78/100

My Final Verdict
Based on my personal analysis and also from the feedback from other sources, I can confirm clixsense is legitimate online business. Considering few drawbacks that clixsense has, it still offers decent earning prospects for its users. Bearing that in mind it can be concluded clixsense is safe to join for general users. Join here -
Clixsense logo
Additional tips to increase earning 
Being a member for quite sometime, I have noticed certain things which will help you to increase earning. First of all, clixsense has ads throughout the whole day so whenever you get time you should click those. Clixgrid is another beautifully designed lottery system where you can earn $10.00 if you are lucky. Also don’t forget about the Tasks and Offers as they too have huge earning potential. Lastly don’t forget to visit the clixsense forum on regular basis. There is a great chance that you stumbleupon a nice little trick which can boost your clixsense earning.

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