Is Neobux Scam? My Neobux Strategy for Beginners

The website neobux started its journey in the year 2008. And My neobux journey also started in way back 2008 (I am not too sure though, lol!). I was told about this website by my friend and at that time I earned $4 without implementing any effective neobux strategy. That was also my first earned dollar online! After that I got busy with other projects, so could not concentrate on neobux.

Then again I re-started my neobux journey on mid 2011. And this time I was more determined. Because I got to know about some huge success stories from Neobux forum, which inspired me a lot. Also I gathered some useful information about managing neobux referrals efficiently from there. So if you want to make it big with neobux, I would definitely suggest you to follow the forum which will help you in many ways.

My Neobux Strategy
After I re-started my journey, Neobux introduced a feature called Neopoints, using which one can buy pack/extend/recycle rented referrals (RR). And without referrals it was next to impossible to achieve the success I was looking for. So I started renting referral using my main balance (occasionally). The good thing about neopoints is, it is automatically credited when you see advertisement! I also followed an effective recycling strategy which ensured my RRs were making profit for me. Following this strategy, I was able to expand my Neobux account without any investment from my pocket. Although the process was slow at the first, but it gained momentum with time.

To summarize follow these steps to increase your earning at Neobux -

1. After you join neobux try to click those 'Orange Ads' daily.
2. Click other ads as much as you can (I recommend installing Neobux toolbar on your browser)
3. Try your luck with 'Adprize', you can earn up to $50 for a single click!
4. Reach a minimum balance of $3.00 before you should rent minimum referrals pack. Doing minijobs also boost your earning as you could earn up to $10/day.
5. Make Autopay option disabled, unless you already know what you are doing!
6. Rent referrals, manage them. Follow any random but effective recycling strategy. For example -
 a) Recycle those referrals who don't click for 7 days a stretch.
 b) Recycle referrals with average less than 1.00
There are many recycling strategies like that which you can use for making maximum profit from your rented referrals.
7. Once you have decent number of referrals, buy Golden (Min referrals 300) or Ultimate (Min referrals 2000) pack to grow your account and make it big.

My Payment Proof
I know this amount is nothing compared to the money which other Neobux members like reggen666, magnet5674 are earning. But still it was worth my little effort and it also proves Neobux is not Scam. I requested the money through my Paypal and here is the screenshot of the same – 

Neobux Payment Proof

So what are you waiting for? Join Neobux now and start earning money like me or even more with these neobux strategy stated here.


  1. neobux is a big scam site i already wasted $211 i buy 600 rent referrals and they are all inactive admin selling a fake id of people.

    fucking site. future signup people are not coming in neobux. dont waste money.....when someone buy a gold membership he is forcing for advertise to neobux because he money is going to hell....

    1. Hey Basant without a definite strategy, you would fail at Neobux. But if you follow a concrete strategy, you could achieve success like many other.

    2. Hi basant,

      You have definitely started investing without understanding the basics of Neobux. Even without spending money you can earn money on Neobux.

      I've started recently through a very good website shared with me, I have registered and so far I am very happy with the support given. Actually, the secret of Neobux is "correct information". I would suggest you to visit:

      Best wishes!

  2. There is no Neobux scam.

    I've been on the site for a year now and I'm making money. Most of my money is made with direct referrals. I do have rented referrals but they are very difficult to make money with. Most of the RR do not click or click for a very short time. This can be true for many direct referrals but I don't pay a monthly fee for the direct referrals.

    I highly advise trying out Neobux but don't invest much money.

  3. I've had quite a bit of success with Neobux, though I do think a lot of people jump in, don't take time to learn how things work but invest a bunch of money and then it doesn't work out and they cry scam.

    My advice is to join as a standard member and just click ads for a couple of months while learning by reading statistics threads, looking for common mistakes people make, and researching on the internet.

  4. I've been using Neobux for about two years and am very happy with the site thus far. The biggest pitfalls for users I've seen are people who put money into it before taking time to understand how Neobux works. Then they cry scam. But really it is a good site if you work at it and take the time to learn how referrals work.


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