5 Powerful Strategies that Works for getting 'Direct Referral' to any program

My online earning career would not be as successful as of now, if I could not have managed to get some loyal referrals. Everyone who are trying their luck in online money making, knows the importance of having active referrals. So I will not elaborate on this point. But this quote will help newbie to understand the importance of referral - ‘a referral is an employee who works for you without any reward’. Only you take all the advantages of your referrals. So anyone will easily agree that – More Referrals bring more money for you. Now the real concern comes – How to get lots of direct referrals?

In this particular post I will give some powerful strategies to get referrals to any websites/ any programs that you are working on. That site may be a PTC like Neobux, Clixsense or Adfly (if you want to make it big)or any other. These methods to get direct referrals will work on all websites. And here comes those tips-

Money Maker forums
Money maker and internet marketing forums like DigitalPoint, Moneymakerdiscussion, Moneymakergroup are those places where all the same minded people gather. These forums give ‘Signatures’ where you can promote your websites. And you can expect steady referrals from there.

Effectively Utilize Facebook
Lets say you have 500 facebook friends. Most of us do not think about this numbers. But imagine if a merely 10% of your facebook friends becomes your referral, then you will have around 50 referrals. And that is not bad from any point of view. If you have more friends, your chance of getting more direct referral will increase accordingly.

Advertise where Matters
If you looking for Neobux referrals and similar, then PTC advertising is a great ways to promote your referral link. There is definite chance of getting decent referrals from these advertising. Also PTC advertising is not expensive also, which makes your job quite affordable.

Dedicated websites
Many would argue if having an own website can bring good referrals or not? But believe me it is one of the effective strategies for direct referral. Create a website/blog of your own and give useful information about the website you want to have referral with a link back. The more popular is your blog there is a better chance of getting direct referrals.

Referrals Exchanges
Are you hearing this concept first time? Many of us getting active direct referrals through referral exchanges. One of the advantages that this method have, it gives you very active referrals. The concept is really simple. For example you need referrals for Clixsense and one other needs referrals for say Rylcolikes. So you become his referral and in exchange he will be your clixsense referral. Its really simple at the same time effective too!


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