6 Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

Make Money online for beginners
I have came across different ways for making money online. But frankly speaking nothing has worked for me at the beginning, though I tried my best with Affiliate marketing, Clickbank, Surveys and many others. However failing with those methods did not discouraged me from making real money online.

After surfing the internet I have discovered my own ways to make money online (I wish if anyone could told me about these methods before!). These are really easy methods that worked for me (I have nothing special skills to sell) in the earlier days. So if I can make money from these techniques, I am sure you can also make some good money.

Earn by Surfing Ads
You may have heard about PTC sites for making money online. But one thing you must know that 90% of these PTCs are SCAM. So they will not give you any money. But there are 10% legit PTCs like Neobux , Clixsense and some others which pays you money. Only sign up for PTCs which will give you money.

Make Money from myLot
People who are trying to make money online should join this wonderful website as soon as possible. In this website your every activities will be paid. You will also enjoy your time with Q&A, tasks, photo upload and many more. Not to forget the helpful friends at myLot who are always ready to give information about anything.

Earn money Doing tasks
Many users are earning handsome cash from these websites. These tasks which I am talking about requires nothing but to have minimal knowledge about internet. Sample of tasks you will do there include 'Bookmark', 'Comment', 'Sign up' etc. A great example of this kind of website is . Here are few other Website like Microworkers.

Earn from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
So you are one who spend most online time at Facebook or Twitter. Then you can make money online from your social activities also. For example you can even Earn by Liking Facebook Page and  Website like MyLikes gives you the opportunity to monetize your social activity at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Earn money URL shortening
URL shortening may have various reason for some users, but for you it is another money making opportunity ., one of the most successful website now gives this awesome earning opportunity. You can earn money from any URLs, but for that you just have to shorten the URL. So Sign up now.

Earn money by writing
If you enjoy writing then earning option will be more widen for you. Triond a writers hub offers 50% profit share for the writers of the articles. There are other websites also where you can earn writing some articles.

These six methods have worked for me to earn money online in the earlier days of my internet marketing career. Most great part of this websites is you don't have to make any investments. So earnings are 100 % risk free.


  1. Your article 'six ways to make money online for beginners' is useful for beginners.

  2. madalyn <-- Read number 5 section within the post!

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