Earn Money from Facebook, Twitter|Adfly Review: URL shortener That Pays

While we are very much used to social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc, we have adapted ourselves using shortened URLs on those networks. But did you know, you can make real money posting shortened URLs on social networks? Many folks around the social network like Facebook, Twitter are making real money through URL shortening. This is becoming very popular as it requires minimum effort. Today I will discuss how to earn money through URL shortener.
Make money with Adfly URL shortener is the program which pays, for shortening any kind of URLs. Sign up for this program which is absolutely free. After that shorten any kind of URLs, you want to post in Facebook, Twitter, your website or any other publishing like bookmark, comment or in Forums. If anyone clicks those shortened URLs, you will earn money. As simple as that. Adfly eCPM varies from $2.00 to $4.00 which depends on traffic. I can tell you Adfly eCPM is very high compared to Adbrite or Infolinks.

How to Earn more Money with Adfly

i) Use shortened URLs in Facebook, Twitter, Orkut where you have many friends.
ii) Make engaging tweets, status update or comment with those shortened URLs.

Spreading the URLs is the key for success here. Suppose you have 1000 facebook friends and twitter followers. Whenever you post any update on those networks, your friends/followers will click and you will earn. If you have more friends/followers your earning will be more. Happy URL shortening!

I already got the payment from this website. Payment Proof of


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